From Mendoza we got a 16 hour bus to Salta in north west Argentina. I´m not sure about it being one Argentina’s most beautiful cities but it´s definitely got a more Spanish vibe to Mendoza and Buenos Aires and is very nice to walk around.

We took in a great view of Salta and the surrounding countryside from a highpoint in the town, Mount San Bernardo. Ciaran and Lisa held on with white knuckles to the walls of the cable car ascending no less than 2mph. Having a total fear of the big wheel in Funderland I honestly understand this but laughed heartily at them nonetheless – 2mph lads. Knowing we´d have to adjust our lungs to the high altitude in preparation for our hike in Peru in a few weeks we decided to walk down the mountain. 2 things I´ve learned about Lisa so far; one, never hand her the mic for Singstar 80s with the hope of getting it back and two, never ever put her in close contact with spiders. In fairness these spiders were bloody massive by any Irish standards and we both grimaced the whole way down looking at thousands of the sneaky feckers hanging in the trees, waiting.

Most tourists stop off in Salta to take the famous Train a las Nubes (Train to the Clouds), however as this was being worked on when we arrived we hired a 4×4 and tour guide to take us around the surrounding mountains and the salt lakes.

Playing around with some photos on the salt.

Squishing Ciaran

Nosebleed heights!

4080 metres above sea level

Coloured mountains

Coloured mountains



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3 responses to “Salta

  1. Orla

    He he he….. can’t believe I missed this before… Is that Ciaran you’re stomping on?? 🙂

  2. Sidric The Viking

    did you see that niall has put the photo of you and the twix on sean’s blog? it was very funny too. ruth

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